Our story began with the prototype of an idea. An idea that took shape. An idea that combined automation and innovation.
We offer innovative technology solutions to design, manufacture, develop and test products. We follow and support every step of the production process thanks to a solid and self-sufficient, but flexible structure: quickly able to adapt to different needs.
For us, companies are not just customers: they are our partners. We work in synergy, sharing a path outlined with medium and long-term plans and goals.

Sapra was born almost fifty years ago, turning an intuition into a solution.
Today we are a place of access to all the essential services necessary to realize a business project thanks to the four distinctive elements of our core business:
Electronic Hardware, Software, Technology e Customization.

We shape the ideas of those who choose to imagine the future with us.

Our history
Sapra Electronics Sectors
Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, the new approach to technology, represents to us an incredible opportunity for transformation.

Sensor & metering

We create measurement and control systems, improving the quality, safety and sustainability of processes and products.


The convergence of more technologies that we support to create complete and accurate tracking systems.


Through various transmission technologies we monitor performance and conditions quickly and smartly.

Machine Learning

We collaborate with our partners to design and implement new automation processes.


The technology applied to health suggests scenarios and multiplies the prospects of intervention.

Smart Home

We improve the quality of life and comfort with versatile tools that interact with everyday life and habits.


We design and build connected devices and technologies to detect and transform data into value.

It's not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen

Scott Belsky


The R&D phases of a project are managed by providing technical staff specialized in the design and development of customized electronic products.

Prototyping and Production

Fully automated lines are available for batch production and lines specifically dedicated to prototypes and small series.


Ogni scheda elettronica deve superare definiti test funzionali, ottici ed elettromeccanici effettuati con tecnologie all’avanguardia.

Our clientsCase history

Some of our customers: Bticino, Gruppo Iveco, Kone, Gruppo Renault, Volvo, Logic S.p.A., Skoda, Pilatus Aircraft Ltd, Capmac Industry s.r.l., Antycip Technologies, Alstom Transport, Caratti International, Seneca s.r.l., Pizzardi s.r.l., Ambérieu-en-Bugey Air Base, MedicAir Italia s.r.l., Fedegari Autoclavi S.p.A., Fiamm Sonick, MBDA Systems, several NATO armies.

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  • Healthcare
  • Machine learning
  • Telemetric
  • Tracking
  • Smart Home
  • Industry 4.0

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