Capmac Industry

Capmac Industry

Riveting automation

Capmac Industry is a company that is often called to realize the riveting station within totally automatic production lines. In contexts like these, it is essential to ensure a precise traceability of the process, the guarantee of the riveting quality and the complete control of the product.

Capmac come to Sapra with the need to control the operation of a robotic island for the riveting of cross-members of truck frames. We intervened by developing a software that allowed to switch to remote control via PC abandoning the traditional local control over PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).

A computer-electronic transformation that has speeded up the times in case of change in processing, allows the traceability of the individual pallets by the automatic printing of a label and has remote management ensured, thus historicizing all processes set up until that moment.

Tech specs

  • Electrical panel with PLC
  • Anthropomorphic robot
  • SW Supervision for Industry 4.0

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  • Wiring diagram design
  • PLC programming
  • Antorpomorphic Robot Programming
  • Software programming for Industry 4.0 integration
  • Customer installation