Smart switch

Today home automation means improving the quality of life in the house, increasing the performance and the possibilities offered by the systems in the house, optimizing consumption and maximizing comfort by integrating the different functions.

The collaboration with Domoki has begun and has developed with the awareness that Sapra’s know-how in terms of remote coordinated management would have been fundamental to realize a really smart home.

The technology we contributed to realize allows to monitor the lighting points of the house, detect room’s temperatures, manage the motion sensors, open or close the shutters: these functions are also available by voice control.

The connection is made according to the communication standard ZigBeewhile WiFi allows to set up and manage every activity from smartphone or tablet thanks to an app available both for Android and iOS.

Tech specs

  • Compact home automation device with color touch screen integrated
  • Electrical energy measurement
  • Smart temperature control
  • WIFI and ZigBee connectivity
  • Voice control and integration with Alexa and Google Home

Related services

  • Hardware design
  • Firmware design
  • Production
  • Certification