Elmec – Everynet

Elmec – Everynet

Managed Service Provider

When last year, during the Ultra Trail race of Tor des Géants®, a runner fell into a crevasse, rescuers were able to pinpoint his location and intervene thanks to LoRaWAN technology.

The athlete was wearing a tracker born from the collaboration between Sapra, Elmec and its investee Everynet: a tracking device that combines data transmission on radio frequencies (LoRa) and the accuracy of GPS.

With this tracker, the first phase of the localization happens thanks to the triangulation of the signal with the lora technology. If necessary, the approximation (100/200 meters) is subsequently reduced thanks to the GPS signal that narrows the margin of error to only 2 meters.

Using LoRa greatly increases battery life: a key requirement when operation must be guaranteed for long periods of time and in emergency situations.

Consumption was then further reduced also thanks to two separate activation modes (via button by the user or remotely in case of research) and three different types of reporting:

  • Always on – where the tracker is always turned on and transmitting
  • Motion activated – where ignition and transmission are activated only in case of movement
  • Tracking – in which a timer is set for the ignition: the tracker is activated, sends the signal and returns to sleep mode.

Tech specs

  • LoRA tracker
  • Integrated GPS
  • Optimisation of energy savings
  • Location tracking
  • Motion detection and accidental fall (Men down)
  • Manual alarm/ emergency warning

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  • Hardware design
  • Firmware design
  • Industrialization
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